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Bokashi Composting

Kitchen Scraps to Black Gold in 2 Weeks (Black Gold Organic Gardening)

Bokashi Composting Kitchen scraps to Black Gold in a few short weeks Newly Updated Bokashi is a Japanese term for “fermented organic matter” that is a safe, quick, hassle free and convenient way to compost in your very own domicile. It does not matter if you live in an apartment, house, boat or even a tent. If you generate kitchen scraps and have room for a small bucket, you now have the ability to compost…

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Basic Bokashi Soil Generator

A quick and easy method of using bokashi scraps. Article by Michael O’Halloron A bokashi soil generator is an alternate means of utilizing your bokashi scraps rather than simply burying them in the garden soil. The “Soil Generator” is nothing more than any container with and open top and bottom, basically like a large pipe, which allows you to compost the collected food waste in a manner that requires no digging or trenching. It is […]

Bokashi Composting

Bokashi composting uses all of your kitchen scraps Article by Michael O’Halloran Bokashi is a rapid composting method that has been practiced by Korean farmers for hundreds of years, but only recently fine-tuned in Japan, by Professor Teruo Higa, and is now spreading worldwide. “Bokashi” means “fermented organic matter” or “shading off, gradation”. in Japanese and buy fermenting (pickling) our waste material we convert it into a high grade of organic soil without polluting. Once […]

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Michael O'Halloron

"Proven Organic Gardening Techniques for a Happy and Healthy Lifestyle" Organic Gardening has followed the full circle of old knowledge, to outdated practices, to new found and updated technology. An example of this is the development of the Bokashi technique from a Korean method practiced for hundreds of years. Mike grew up on a small farm in Iowa and acquired the art of organic gardening as practiced by his father. When large-scale chemical fertilizer farming became vogue, his father refused to use them. His reasoning: "They smell like oil and oil isn't good to eat". With his knowledge grounded in…

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